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Harvest Moon
Strangers of Sunshine Island
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Ever played Harvest Moon? We have! Come join enthusiasts of the game and make friends all over the world! Friendly members and staff make this site one of the best forums around. Join the RPG or just hang out, it's up to you.

We're currently looking for RPers and even just some more fans of the series. Right now we're just a forum, but our site has been in production for the last month and it's coming along nicely. ^^

I hope to see you there!

Background on the Meadow:  The Meadow used to be a big HM fansite back in 2003 to 2004, it went offline when its creator went off to college.  However it came back in 2007 (board only) and has been around since then. If you were a member back then all the old accounts and posts can be viewed in the HMM Archives. ^_^ 


7th-Aug-2010 03:32 pm(no subject)
Cooper was confused. There wasn’t anything really abnormal about that, but this time he was extra, super confused. He didn’t understand how he could be at his awesome party and then suddenly end up in this abandoned building.

Maybe I just got really drunk and this is a prank, he thought (which was never good).

“Hello? Guys?” He called out, but there was no answer. He wandered around the abandoned building, poking at things, until he found a door. Cooper grinned and opened the door in a hurry. He knew that as soon as he opened that door he would be back at his house and they would all get a good laugh. Sadly, when Cooper opened the door all he saw was a strange town he had never seen before.

“Where’d the party go?!” he exclaimed in confusion and disappointment. Cooper had gotten his party taken away from him, and he was not pleased.
4th-Aug-2010 09:06 am(no subject)

*tilts his head one way, then the other*


Well at least there's food.
1st-Aug-2010 10:50 pm - Hospitable Lucius
*after a very picturesque walk through Sunshine Island at dusk, Lucius arrives with Po at the old farm he and Meier had taken up residence in.  It still needed repairs and a fresh coat of paint, but at least it was no longer outright hazardous, and the exterior shabbiness was made up for by the warm, thoroughly Lucius-decorated inside.*

*Lucius walks up the front steps and opens the door for Po, smiling warmly*
  Well, this is it..!  Please do come in, and I'll get started on something delicious at once.  Mr Link will be awake before too long, I imagine, so go ahead and make yourself comfortable wherever you like.
1st-Aug-2010 06:10 pm - Katsa 001
[Coughs, inhales sand, and abruptly gasps as two mismatched eyes fling open as she sits up and bangs on her chest, water-logged fingers moving up to brush dried sand from her face.]

Well that hadn't worked too well... [Wryly moves to crack her neck as she breathes deeply and takes in the blue sky and the beach surrounding her.] You'd think they'd learn by now...[Pushes self to feet, brushing off sand and feeling for the daggers along her person, feeling all in place, and turns to survey the land before her.]

Well, this certainly isn't Lienid.
1st-Aug-2010 05:11 pm(no subject)
Hikaru had been working hard the past three days. Pulling up weeds and tilling her field so she might be able to finally get those strawberry seeds she was hoping to buy. Warm from her labor already, she wiped her forearm across her brow and looked up at the sun high overhead. She had better get those seeds while she still had the energy to do so!

Putting her tools back inside, Hikaru then began her trek toward the neighboring farm, admiring the new sights and stopping to pet every animal she spotted as she passed.

"Well, this is invigorating! It'll take work, but I should have a flourishing farm in no time!" She beamed, talking to the squirrel chittering near her. She couldn't keep the smile from her face--even with stiff and sore muscles that haven't felt used for a long time. She stretched, delighting in the feeling, before continuing on her merry way.
31st-Jul-2010 08:05 pm(no subject)
[He notices when the world changes. Maybe not the exact second, because he'd been daydreaming a little as he walked along the shore, letting his sense of the surrounding cliff and rocks fade in favor of the memory of short, dark hair and mesmerizing mismatched eyes.

But he does notice that his sense of the world around him has - changed. Dulled slightly, and become different. And he knows with absolute certainty that he isn't anywhere near his home. Or anywhere else he's ever been.

He doesn't sense anyone nearby, which, well. Means nothing, really, except there's no one waiting for him that intends him harm. Which he supposes is a good thing, except it still doesn't solve the problem of where he is, or how he got there.

So he walks, cautiously and on guard, until he can dimly 'see' a town nearby, and he changes direction to head there in search of some answers.]
31st-Jul-2010 02:26 pm - Event Notice
The Fireworks Festival Event is now happening here in the Logs community.
28th-Jul-2010 08:56 pm - Mission 1
*having access to all sorts of fun information networks, Siphon has heard the weather report; she is not thrilled to know that she will either have to spend all of the rainy day in a cave somewhere (to prevent her exposed circuits from shorting her entire body out due to moisture), or else she's going to have to find somewhere to stay.  She's in the Mine District, pacing nervously up and down in front of the Blacksmith's and peeking in the windows of the (temporarily) abandoned Refinery and General Store*

This isn't good...  Maybe I should break into one of these stores...
28th-Jul-2010 08:32 pm - TV Report
Good evening, it is July 28th, another lovely Summer day!

There will be some light rain falling all of tomorrow. Be sure to keep all animals indoors and don't spend too much time outside unless you want to get sick. After that, the weather report is for continuing perfectly sunny days.

Easy Cooking
Hi everyone~! This is Maya~!

Today I have a new recipe for you: Egg Salad! Using a cutting board and knife, you mix a boiled egg and mayonnaise together and ta da! Egg Salad! That would be great on a sandwich~!

Tune in next time for another recipe from Easy Cooking with Maya~!

Town News
This Saturday is the Firework Festival! The festival will take place on the beach near town from the early evening until midnight. There will be watermelon smashing, a summer picnic, games and prizes, and of course fireworks.

((FIREWORK FESTIVAL: I will make a special event log on so that people can post there throughout the weekend. Your characters can also comment on the event in the main comm. Be prepared for fun, games, food, and a little mayhem. ))
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